Thursday, March 8, 2007

Who is Opm1??

Opm 1 is both a Hip Hop Artist & Producer. From a young age, Opm 1's multi-cultural background has allowed him to relate to the realities of people from different cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Opm1 is an international rapper in the truest sense of the word. His musical inspiration has come from all corners of the wrold where he has lived and travelled, from Italy to Egypt, from Jerusalem to Switzerland and all over the United States. This diversity is reflected not only in his musical expression but in his broad fan base as well, which is racially, religiously and culturally heterogenoeous as Opm1 himself.

His music has attracted audiences not only for its undeniable musical power, but for its lyrical prowess as well. Strongly influenced by the life and struggles of revolutionaries like Martin Luther King and Che Guevara, his lyrics are at times thoughtful, at other times angry; but nearly always 'revolutionary' in their bend. Opm 1 doesn't shy from pointing out the hypocrisy in much of today's music, while embracing a delivery which shares much of the same appeal of today's top artists. Stylistically OP has been compared to Jay-Z & Eminem, yet he offers a message which has the potential to resonate with an even wider audience. Not a purist, however a 'mainstream' sound can still be heard in occasional songs like "Stripdown," in which he considers an artistic transgression of sorts, or as he puts it, "one of my many bad habits," but one that fans seem to more than forgive.

His skill in freestyling, and his unique ability to tantalize audiences with his occasional seamless transitions to verses in his arsenal of foreign languages, are earning him a growing respect in his native Bay area. He is one of the most prolific artists, having produced already three of his own full-length LP's, and among the most original acts to emerge in recent years. Poised to explode onto the hip-hop scene, Opm 1 will soon be a hard presence to miss, and a tough voice to ignore.

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