Thursday, March 1, 2007

Who is Che?

Who is Che Guevara? A random google search can depict to you the many sides of Che, some see him as a villian, some see him as a legend, some see him as a terrorist, some see him as a new world bringer. I see him as a Revoluntionary.

Che Guevara was a freedom fighter. The imperialist presence in Cuba meant that the peasantry and the country side were exploited, that the resources were extracted.

See, the Capitalists always believed that they had the right answer and on
top of that they had a hunger to further accumulate capital, from the slave
trade to the modern day they have always been about one thing, and that is
selfish gain at the expense of someone elses freedom. So what Che did was
to stand up for the many people he came to call his brothers. The common
citizen whom he came to love and represent. So he stood up against an
imperialist regime backed by the United States and succeeded in liberating
the people from this rule and introducing education to parts of the country
that had never had it. He stood for brotherhood, freedom, revolution away
from the overbearing forces of imperialism, truly act as a modern form of Colonialism.

Interesting, because this country has really
pushed the negative image of communism to the point where people associate it with a failed regime and of course they love to point to Russia as the Prime Example of this regime being doomed to failure. Well, Cuba, contrary to what some people might think, is in fact a Prime example of how Socialism has a greater commitment to the people, their livelihood, their education, while sustaining a sense of togetherness, brotherhood, and connectedness.

So, I see in Che a man that wasen't afraid to risk his existence in the name
of a movement that would embetter his people and eventually even all across
the world. He travelled to Africa, where he made a great effort to
introduce his movement as a way to counteract neo-colonialism/imperialism
..>..>and strengthen the concept of a social movement for the people. There are
many people ready to lay their lives down for an ideology that seems to
sustain ethics, democratic principles, freedom, etc when in fact it
contradicts itself in its attempted union with capitalistic principles which
are founded on exploitation. An irony that makes this self-righteous beast
doomed for self-destruction.

Well, I hope this sheds light on some of my views; there is a lot more to it. My perspective is highly influenced by a Universal Spirituality that does not answer to any mans Worldly Dialogue but to a greater force that defines Truth in a larger sense then just what we are conditioned to believe.

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